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award winning sailors valentine artist Sandy Moran of Cape Cod and Sanibel
Traditional & Modern Sailors' Valentines
contemporary and traditional sailors valentines by artist Sandy Moran
Restorations & Repairs
sailors valentines classes on cape cod and sanibel
Classes & Workshops
sailors valentine boxes
Mermaid Delight - Sandy Moran, Sailors Valentine Artist

Inspired by Tradition. Crafted with Artistry.

Sailors valentines created by award-winning valentine artist Sandy Moran. From custom and commissioned valentines to restorations and repairs of antique and modern sailors valentines, also providing classes and workshops on Cape Cod and in Sanibel, Florida.

As far back as the early 1800’s homesick seamen returned from their journeys with special tokens of remembrance for their loved ones called Sailor’s Valentines.

Today, these treasures are crafted by award winning artist Sandy Moran in her Cape Cod studio. Following tradition, Sandy hand places thousands of natural shells into her unique design interpretations to create heirloom quality pieces of art. Her sailors valentines include patterns and flowers of various unusual seashells, a unique centerpiece, and are encased in quality handmade cases of cherry or tiger maple. Sandy also delicately restores and repairs antique sailors valentines. 

As a featured artist on a PBS fundraiser show, Sandy has also been featured in Martha Stewart magazine, Coastal Living magazine, La Vie Claire Magazine, Yankee Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, as well as in various Florida publications and national television.

All of Sandy Moran’s sailors valentines are unique … all one of a kind, to be treasured and passed down as a family heirloom.

Classes & Workshops

Restoration and repair of sailors valentines - antique and new



Sailors valetine artist who does custom and comission work for collectors


contemporary artist carrying on a sailors' valentine tradition

Sandy Moran has earned numerous first-place awards for her sailors’ valentines and was Artistic Chairperson of the famed Sanibel Shell Show for 13 years.  She is also the creator of the Cape Cod Shell Show, a juried show that first made its debut on Cape Cod in June of 2015.  The Cape Cod shell show features collections of fine seashell art, with artists showcasing designs of jewelry, sailors valentines, mirrors, flower arrangements, needle craft, wreaths and more. Additionally, she was a featured artist on a PBS fundraiser show, featured in Martha Stewart Living magazine, Coastal Living magazine, La Vie Claire Magazine, Yankee Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, as well as in various Florida publications and national television. Sandy’s contemporary and traditional sailors valentines are displayed in art galleries on Cape Cod, Nantucket and in Sanibel, FL. You can also buy Sandy’s custom or commission sailors valentines by contacting her through her email form on the Inquire page.

We are saddened to share that Sandy Moran passed away on November 11th.

Her life was a blessing and her memory a treasure. 
She is loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

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